Saturday, November 17, 2007


(1st written on Thursday, November 01, 2007)

Well, a year ago, or even 6 months ago, I never would have dreamed of being at the place I am now. What started out as a search for family medical history info, quickly became so much more. Since I was adopted into a wonderful family at a young age, I knew nothing of what to expect in regards to medical situations; so it's just wait and see what comes along. Sure, that is how it is for everyone, to some degree, but still there are family tendencies--stuff that is in the genes--that might be helpful to know ahead of time. Which is why I began the search for the (birth) family medical history, as in the future I will have to have a major surgery; what can I find out that might be helpful for the Dr.s to know ahead of time that we don't already know. A brother was adopted with me, but wouldn't you know--I'm the one with most of the medical conditions! lol
Things progressed slowly at first--a name; but which person in the USA with that name-- which is good, as it gave me time to think. I quickly came to grips with the fact that in order to find the medical info, people (family I'd not remembered or known) would have to be contacted. So, that brings up the issue of whether or not I would want to contact/be contacted by them. But, it didn't take me long to decide that, yes, I would be interested in 'reunion'; even though it was a bit of a scary thought. There was also the possibility of denial &/or rejection, which does indeed happen to a lot of adoptees when they find their (birth) family.
Then less than a week ago, on Fri. Oct . 26, the mother's name came. Things literally changed overnight!! By the next day I was sending emails, and talking on the phone with 2 of the 4 living siblings I never knew I had, but had always known about me and our brother. (one died :( a few years back) And a couple days later I was talking to another one. Out of 2 'boys' and 2 'girls', I only have yet to speak to one girl before I've talked to all of them. They are, of course, all adults by this time, but I am the oldest living sister, and the brother I grew up with is the oldest brother. So, now I have 11 siblings, instead of 6!!
So, as the subject line says, it's a new beginning. A WONDERFUL NEW BEGINNING!!! In a way, it's like when you meet someone new, and you start forming a friendship; except there's a closeness there that isn't the same with other new acquaintances. The referring to each other as 'bro/sis', and the signing off with 'love' or something similar aren't like when you usually meet a stranger; but somehow they don't seem like strangers, even though I never heard their names until Sat.
I am not replacing the family that I grew up in; that would be impossible. But, shunning these siblings wouldn't make them any less related, either. So, I am choosing to embrace reality, and open my heart to them all. It may take awhile for both of my families to get settled in to this new concept, but I think we are all big enough to do it. I can't wait to see what great things are ahead with my larger family!!!!